Useful Links

Please find below a selection of links related to weaving or to the locality that may be interesting to you.

    • The Handweavers Studio and Gallery: Based in London, the Handweavers Studio and Gallery is one of the best resources for weavers, spinners and dyers. They offer supplies, advice, courses and have vast experience in all areas of textiles.
    • Fibrecrafts: FIBRECRAFTS offer a wide variety of textile equipment, accessories, books, resources and ideas (also papercrafts). The staff are very skilful and helpful. Shopping available online. Based in Surrey, UK
    • Syra Larkin: I really admire Syra’s work. She has a unique and beautiful way of interpreting human form and interaction as well as use of colour and shapes.
    • Chris Larkin: Chris sadly died recently (August 2018), however, as long as his website is running, you can see what beautiful instruments he has made. He will be sorely missed by so many people.
    • Democracy Board Game: Democracy is the first game developed by Geepy Games. The goal of the game is for each player to gain control of his or her region of the world and develop their facilities and services. Sounds easy? Not when competing against the Dictator who is hell-bent on global domination. On top of this, players must survive the challenges presented by the economy, climate change, elections and civil unrest. This is not only great entertainment. It challenges the traditional approach to playing board games. A terrific ethos and politics that underpin this game. There will be more games in the future so watch their website (
    • The Woolery:  This weaving supplies company is based in Kentucky, USA.  I had reason to use them for weaving equipment I couldn’t source in the UK or Ireland. They are a team of helpful, knowledgable, kind people and their customer service is second to none.  By the way, international shipping costs are not necessarily how they appear on the order form so do explore that aspect further with them.

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