Pictures & Hangings

Colour is a very important motivation for my work. Living in West Kerry where the light is so amazing, colours can often appear unreal due to the clarity of light. Weaving is a very pliable craft. I often use a variety of materials to add a certain quality, texture and/or fun to the image I am trying to create (see work with slate chards for example). Some of my hangings/pictures are hung from copper pipes, stainless steel rods, wooden poles, or mounted onto cast acrylic sheets which I acquire pre-cut from a source in Dublin. This adds a sharpness of image, as opposed to a hung quality. I use techniques of inlay, tapestry, additional warps, and dyeing to enhance the pieces and many times use hand spinning to achieve an effect. Many of the rugs I weave interact as wall-hangings. Wall-hangings are a positive asset to spaces with mostly hard surfaces, both visually and accoustically.

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