Floor Rugs


I have a variety of looms, but the one I use most weaves to a maximum of 160 centimetres width, but an infinite length. Floor rugs are woven generally with a strong cotton warp and I use an Axminster wool yarn in the weft for durability and quality. Most all designs have the capacity to be used on both sides, thus increasing the life of a rug. Many rugs I have designed to be used on the floor have instead been used as wall-hangings, so a deal of imagination is needed when viewing them.

Each woven rug is unique in itself. If you want something similar, it will have significant change built into it. My floor and wall rugs incorporate both a variety of techniques and textures and an individual use of colour.

Use of different thicknesses of weft yarn changes the quality of the piece and is often a way to enhance a technique that requires 3 or 4 ends of yarn on the shuttle to create a blended technique.

When working on a commission inspiration is taken from the client’s environment or imagination/ideas (see section on commissioning) for example colour schemes, views from the room in question etc. More often than not, it is less about what already exists in the room in terms of colour-ways, but what is not there and needed to give an added dimension to the environment. See also archive for examples of past work

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