The items shown within this site are representative of my years of working as a weaver, spinner and dyer. Weaving has many many hundreds of techniques and each one has a particular quality. It would be impossible to show it all on this site.  Do look around you though. Things that are “interwoven” happen all around us. The picture is a wisteria in a back street in Barcelona. Spiders webs?  Hair plaits? Plants? Lives?

My work includes floor rugs, pictures, wall hangings, throws and scarves. These are all produced as unique original weavings. I do a lot of my own dyeing in order to achieve colour matching when necessary and use only natural yarns – wool, silk, cotton and linen. Please note that the work shown in this site represents only a small selection of the styles and colours available, and that the prices and dimensions quoted are intended as a guide only. Please email me to enquire about the work or to discuss commissioning personalised pieces.

Use the links below to view examples of each type of work. In particular check the archive for examples of past work.