Weaving Support

DSC00506.JPGTutoring, and learning as a tutor, has been very important to me throughout my weaving life. I designed and taught weaving and spinning courses with the Workers Educational Association (WEA) in the UK. They were Open College Network accredited courses, using the principles of Development Education at the core of the teaching and learning. Through the brilliant work of the learners in those projects, their work was exhibited nationally on many occasions and won awards for excellence in learning. I learned a great deal through working with the people on the Manor Estate in Sheffield and even though the funded project is ended, after 17 years, they continue to meet as a weaving group. For the past sixteen years I have taught people from all over Ireland, the UK and US.

Sadly for me, I dont formally teach anymore but offer technical support and experience via Skype or by arranging a visit to the studio.   I will do my best to help.  Sharing experience and skills is the best tool for development.  So far, this free support has proved to be invaluable.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact me at dmaycalvert@gmail.com